Les Morris , famous Sikorsky test pilot, died October 12, 1992 in Old Saybrook. Connecticut.

Mr. Morris was serving as Commissioner for Connecticut's Department of Aeronautics in the 1930's when he first became familiar with Igor Sikorsky's VS-300 project. Mr. Morris had the honor of presenting Mr. Igor Sikorsky with the country's first helicopter pilot license. He soon began working for Sikorsky, conducting tests on the VS-300 and XR-4.

We in USAFHPA were preparing a letter to invite him as an honored guest to our upcoming reunion for it was Les Morris, who actually flew and delivered the first helicopter from Sikorsky's plant in Stratford, Connecticut to the Army Air Corps at Wright-Patterson Field on May 18, 1942. Les Morris was first to fly a helicopter over 80 MPH.  Mr. Morris performed numerous early tests and trained many of the earliest helicopter pilots.

He was a founder of the American Helicopter Society, an executive for Kaman Helicopters and an author. He wrote what is probably the first complete book on helicopters. "Pioneering the Helicopter" in 1945. Among his many firsts, the first cross-country flight, the first rooftop landing, first to fly over 1,000 feet AGL, first helicopter instructor, ad infinitum.