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Helicopter Pictures:

          R-4 pics

          H-5 pics:

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H-34 pics:

H-43 pics:

C/HH-3 pics:

UH-1 pics

HH-53 pics:

H-60 pics:

Submit Your Pictures

If you have have additional scanned helicopter pictures that you think would be good additions to the site, please send them as Email attachments to the "Pics" Email below. Please also include your permission to use the pictures in your Email message.

The format for the pictures should be in .JPG or .GIF format ONLY and scanned such that the final file size of each picture is approximately 10K - 100K (700 x 500 pixels). Size exceptions can be made for exceptionally good pictures that may not reduce well without losing the picture quality.

Let's see what you've got out there.

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