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This flag is flown at "Overlook Park" near the city visitor center in Great Falls, Montana. I took the photo while hanging out of the car window and never noticed the eagle flying over the flag until I downloaded the photo.  Somehow it seemed appropriate.

This page is dedicated to items that might be of interest and do not fit into the other page's categories.

Herbie Head-up, Helicopter Pilot.

The Flying Eggbeater.

Jungle Rescue 1945.

Helicopter School Scrapbook.

"Wild Bill and H-13"

John Sanduski - Helicopter School CO

 Graduation Certificate 

AF Museum Plaque

Associate Members – Who our Associate Members Are.

The “Black Mariah” - History of CH-3 #63-09676

Redtail BirdsH-21's with Red Tails

Sub on a Tub- Navy H-19 making emergency landing on Submarine.

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