Symbols and logos:

  Our famous six-handed friend has a name and it is "Herbie Head-Up" according to an article furnished by John Slattery. The article by Staff Sgt. Ira D. Kirk was a profile titled, "Col. B. F. Witsell, Helicopter Pioneer" (American Helicopter, Apr 1959). The article states:
  "This pioneer in the helicopter field has retained many memories of those by gone days: two of which adorn the walls of his office at Manzano. One is cartoon character called "Herbie Head-Up", created by filmstrip artist Russ Stamm, when he was a Private at Chanute Field, IL during World War II. Herbie is supposed to depict the way a new helicopter student pilot felt after his first ride in the whirlybird and was used as part of the training aids program.

The other prize possession is a drawing by Walt Disney, which became the training program's emblem. This little etching shows a rotary egg beater flying through the air carrying a tiny gremlin."