Associate membership may be granted to selected individuals who are interested in helicopter activities but are not helicopter pilots. A sponsor member in good standing must nominate them, in writing, to the Board of Directors. The Board shall rule on the nomination by a simple majority vote. 


Associate members USAFHPA:


Bob Crowston - The 5040th Air Transport Squadron at Elmendorf AFB was composed of C-118, C-54, C-123, L-20 and H-21 aircraft. Robert Crowston was a Navigator and the Squadron Administrative Officer (1961-1963) who did his best to keep all the young helicopter pilots out of trouble. He was good friend to all the squadron members and their families. Bob and his wife Polly fit right with the helicopter pilots and their wives. All of the pilots that had been assigned to the 5040th (and members of the USAFHPA) sponsored his Associate membership in 2000.        Bill Waters


Bob Dorr –Author.  Former USAF enlisted member. Has written several books and articles for the AF Times and other periodicals.


Paul McDonaldPaul McDonald was the Catholic Chaplain at Reno and was acquainted with many at the "school".  As an associate member, he attended a number of the early reunions, and on two occasions I can remember him saying Mass on a Sunday morning in a hotel room. He retired here in San Antonio and worked as a fill in priest for services when needed at several of the local parishes.  This past summer he moved back to Dubuque, IA, where he was born and raised.       Larry and Bill



Pam Weir and Phyllis Weir Quiton:  Surviving daughters of Charlie and Pat Weir.  Charlie was one of founders and original member of USAFHPA.


Katherine Hughes Marks:  Surviving daughter of Bill and Nadine Hughes, Original members.  Kathy has attended some of our reunions.


Bob Deets:  He was the crew chief on UH-1F/P tail # 929, and flew as a door gunner when it was slick configured.  He was assigned to "E" Flight, 20th Helicopter Sq, during the Green Hornet build up in '67 - '68. Also spent time as a crew chief with the 1001st after Nam.  Retired from the AF. Sponsored by Dick Monroe in 2005, his membership was approved in 2005. He has attended the last three reunions.


Jim Moore:  Jim enlisted in USAF in 1961.  After Tech School he was assigned to Stead AFB Flightline crew. He crewed on H-19, H-21 and CH/HH-3 helicopters in various assignments.  He retired as Chief Master Sergeant after 30 years of distinguished service. He was instrumental in creating “Rotorheadsrus” website to share stories, and renew old friendship of AF buddies and make new friends.  He has been very helpful in providing information on subjects of interest to our own USAFHPA website.  Sponsored by K.V.Hall for Associate Membership, Feb 2007.