Andrews helicopter makes emergency landing in Maryland

July 10, AF Ass’n:


A Joint Base Andrews helicopter made an emergency landing Monday on a field in Takoma Park because of maintenance issues. Robert Cloys, a spokesman for Joint Base Andrews, said the landing was a precautionary measure and no one was injured. The helicopter was flying as part of a routine training mission, Cloys said. “It was not a big thing,” he said. “We just had a light indicator go off in the aircraft and generally what they do when they see something like this is they find the nearest place to set the helicopter down.”

The helicopter landed about 9:10 a.m. at Lee Jordan Field in the 7600 block of Piney Branch Road. Cloys said the situation was akin to the maintenance light going on in a car and the driver pulling over to ensure that everything is safe. He said such landings due to maintenance issues happen every few months. The UH-1N Huey helicopter wasn’t damaged.


(I used to fly w/ these guys--the UH-1N was much younger in the early 70's--RDB)