Sikorsky H-60 Blackhawk

General Characteristics:

Primary Function: combat search and rescue and military operations other than war in day, night or marginal weather conditions.

Builder: United Technologies/Sikorsky Aircraft Company

Power Plant: Two General Electric T700-GE-700 or T700-GE-701C engines

Thrust: 1,560-1,940 shaft horsepower, each engine

Length: 64 feet, 10 inches (19.9 meters)

Height: 16 feet, 8 inches (5.1 meters)

Rotor Diameter: 53 feet, 8 inches (16.4 meters)

Speed: 184 mph (294.4 kph)

Maximum Takeoff Weight: 22,000 pounds (9,900 kilograms)

Range: Over 50o nautical miles (unlimited with air refueling)

Armament: Two 7.62 mm machine guns or two 0.50 caliber machine guns

Unit Cost: $18 million (fiscal 03 dollars)

Crew: Two pilots, one flight engineer and one aerial gunner; two pararescuemen are normally included in the mission complement

Date Deployed: 1982


H-60 photos: