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First HH-53 Air Refueling Test over Long Island Sound in May, 1967.


HH-53C and A-1's over Northern Laos in 1970. The HH-53C was from the 40th ARRS at Udorn. The A-1's were from NKP.


Pictures contributed by: Dick Eastman

Thanks Dick !


H-53 at Salmon River Idaho, in support of then Vice President Bush in 1984.


Picture contributed by: Rich Blackwell

Thanks Rich !

H-53 with DAST.


Three of a Kind.


40th ARRS H-53 over SE Asia.

Follow the Leader.

HH-53 refueling from HC-130 tanker.

The above 3 photos submitted by Emmett Hatch.


HH-53 and A-1 “Sandies”.


HH-53 on Udorn RTAFB ramp. Submitted by Don Carty


This might be a “doctored” photo but Harry loves it!



Hill AFB, 1974.  HH-53B that was used in the filming of "Airport 75".  Weber Canyon below in the background.


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