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Picture contributed by: Lou Anatrella Thanks Lou !

This is one of our Det. 7, 38th ARRS flying out of Danang on a mission to recover a wounded Marine, west of Danang in 1967. The photo was taken by one of the crew of the second H43 on the mission. Picture contributed by: Bill Cline Thanks Bill !

HH-43B's at Cam Ranh AB, SVN and H-43B fire fighting training, Stead AFB, NV, 1964.

Pictures contributed by: Kyron (KV) Hall

HH-43B over Sandia Mountains (near Kirtland AFB) in 1969. Picture contributed by: Ed Du Chene. Thanks Ed !

HH-43F at Nha Trang AB, South Viet Nam. Pictures contributed by: Ed Du Chene

HH-43 returning from aborted LBR flight, Bien Hoa, SVN 1965. Photo submitted by Joe Connell.

PJ's view coming up on the rescue hoist, SVN, 1964. Submitted by Joe Connell.

Det 10, 38th ARSq., Bhin Thuy AB, RVN, 1967. Practice mission with members of the Navy River Patrol. On the Mekong River at Navy Hqs. Just off the end of the runway at Bhin Thuy.

Submitted by Don Van Meter

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