USAF Helicopter Pilot Association

CH/HH-3 Southeast Asia

Ponies heading for the barn. Laos, 1968. Pictures by Kyron Hall.

TACAN Channel 79, Laos, 1967

Ladder extraction, 20th HES

20th HES "Pony" slinging battle damaged A-1 near Udorn, 1968. Piloted by K.V. Hall

20th HES, Udorn ,1967, Hoppy, Smith, Smith, Nick.

21st SOS from NKP

37th ARRS out of Danang, SVN. Photo submitted by Emmett Hatch

Jolly Green hoist pickup.

Jolly Green Hoist birdseye view.

Jolly water landing.

20th HES "Pony Express" exfil in Laos 1968


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