I Went to Peavine

By John Flornoy

I went through Stead with the small class of 61-F and remember the same Peavine approach as KV mentioned in the last newsletter. The only differences were that I was solo and tried it in an H-21 in Low Jaw. Needless to say the results were the same, but I didn't come back for a second try that day.

Stu Silver and I left an H-21 between Sky Ranch and Stead one day when the engine called it quits at 500 feet. Stu did a great job for us to walk away from it. I just hung on for the ride and set the brakes when it was all over and the dust had settled.

Al Lupinske, Ted Angle, and I walked up Peavine from the Stead Main Gate following a challenge (a case of beer) from our survival school instructors. We won the beer, but Ted and Al did all the work and drug me up the mountain. Two steps forward and one back in the slag and sagebrush.