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This form may be filled in online and sent via email or printed and mailed to. USAF HPA, P.O. Box 966, Medical Lake, WA 99022.

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Dues are $10 per year. Dues may be sent with this form for one or more years membership or dues may be paid through PayPal. Clicking on the 'submit via email' button below will send this form to USAFHPA headquarters and take you to the dues payment page.

Graduates of the USAF Helicopter School who are active duty Air Force members, who are serving in the Air National Guard, or are members of the Air Force Reserve, and are Company Grade Officers, will have their membership fees waived. The waiver is in effect until the member is promoted to O-4 or no longer serves in one of the mentioned components. Enter “Active” and your “Rank” and “Date of Rank” in the Helicopter last flown space Ignore the Paypal page.

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