58th Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Squadron

Wheelus Air Base, Tripoli, Libya

October-December 1969

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This is the story of Tunisian Flood Relief as recorded by Captain James Harris in 1969.

The flood destruction is much greater now than the last time we were here” remarked the pilot of one of the three USAF “Jolly Green” helicopters now working in the Kairousan area....Comments from American Cultural Center

The three HH-3E helicopters from the 58th ARRS evacuated over 2500 people and carried over 222,000 pounds of supplies during flood relief missions from October to December, 1969.

Some local Tunisian men giving a hand in loading supplies.

The Tunisian Flood Rescue Crews

AF Rescue 14715 (Jolly Green 01)) delivering food South of Kairousa

Many of the villages were under water. These people were wet but lucky.

FRIEND IN NEED..USAF Pararescueman Ssgt Charles P. Vogeley, 25, Arlington, VA., lends sincere helping hand to a Tunisian woman and her child as she leaves the Jolly Green giant helicopter which plucked them from raging flood waters in Tunisia.

Just a few of the many children rescued from the flood waters.

Girl Scouts to the rescue.

Boxes of goodies from the Girl Scouts.

Even though the noisy helicopter frightened the people, they were grateful to be flown to a safer place.