On 8 January 1966 the Air Rescue Service became the Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Service (ARRS), and the 3rd Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Group (ARRG) took charge of all rescue operations in the Vietnam geographical area.



3rd ARRG – Vietnam


The 3d ARRG quarterly unit history states that the headquarters did not have any aircraft of its own but outlines the equipment and deployment of its subordinate units.


 The 37th ARRS was based at Da Nang, flew only HH-3Es with a normal configuration of two ships on ground alert at Da Nang, two on ground alert at Quang Tri, and one or two flying Gulf of Tonkin orbits as required.

 The 38th ARRS was based at Tan Son Nhut, flew only HH-43B/Fs, deployed it 32 aircraft on 24-hour alerts at 14 bases in South Vietnam and Thailand.

 The 39th ARRS was based at Tuy Hoa and flew 11 HC-130Ps with the callsign CROWN.

 The 40th ARRS was based at Udorn, flew six HH-53Bs with a normal configuration of one on ground alert at Udorn, two on ground alert at LS-98, and flying airborne orbits over Northern Laos.

 Det 1, 40th ARRS was based at Nakhon Phanom, flew HH-3Es with a normal configuration of two on ground alert and alternating every third day with the HH-53Bs at LS-98 and in orbits over Northern Laos.

 The Group had its full compliment of aircraft: 22 HH-3Es, 6 HH-53Bs, 32 HH-43B/Fs, and 11 HC-130Ps.


The history mentions LTCs James A. Henderson and John J. Collins as the Army Liaison Officers to the JSARC (Joint Search and Rescue Center) at Saigon. During June, better communications and cooperation was established between 3ARRGp Squadrons and Detachments and local Army aviation units. Arrangements were made for requesting Army assistance for SAR activities via the nearest ARVN Corps Tactical Zones, for 3ARRGp unit to obtain assistance for Army Ch-54s for recovering damaged helicopters, and for minimizing duplication of effort between PEDRO and DUSTOFF units for emergency medical evacuations at the local level. The history also outlines the areas for the QUEEN RCC (Rescue Control Center) at Da Nang and the KING RCC at Saigon.



On 31 January 1976, Lt Colonel Cleveland E. Forrester,  the last 3rd Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Group commander, cased the unit flag and officially terminated an era of valor and unparalled service by the many brave and dedicated airmen and support personnel who lived and died for their fellow man, “THAT OTHERS MAY LIVE”.