1949: June: The 345th Troop Carrier Squadron activated as a unit.

1951: April: 345th TCS entered active service as a part of the Korean War build-up. Using C-46s, it began an intensive training program to become combat qualified as a unit of Tactical Air Command. July 1951-- Participated in flood relief missions in Kansas. Soon after converting to C-119 aircraft that year the squadron's active tour ended.

1953: Jan. 16 - Inactivated in Memphis, Tenn.

1955: March 8 - Reactivated as the 345th Troop Carrier Squadron, (Assault, Rotary Wing), Sewart AFB, Tenn., commenced training with H-19 and H-21 helicopters.

1955 and 1956: Collected data and samples for radiological assessment during atomic tests in Nevada; evacuated Air Force personnel from Washington, D.C., during a major civil defense drill; airlifted men and cargo to construction sites along the mid-Canada and Distant Early Warning radar lines; and participated in joint Army-Air Force maneuvers in Louisiana. - July 9, 1956.

345th H-21's supporting construction of DEWLINE site on Barter Island, Alaska - 1955

Commanders ; Maj James F. Fowler, 1955; Maj Gregg D. Hartley, 19 May-9 Jun 1956.

Inactivated again, Oct. 8, 1956.. The personnel, aircraft, and equipment of the 345th Troop Carrier Squadron (Assault, Rotary Wing) were absorbed into the newly activated 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, and 24th Helicopter Squadrons.


(1956 -Reactivated as the 345th Troop Carrier Squadron, Assault, Fixed Wing and began training with C-123s taking part in exercises both inside and outside the United States)